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The ROGY training program is a step-by-step progression for the early development of young tennis players using red, orange, green and yellow tennis balls.  This program is designed to help younger tennis players develop proper technique and enjoy the game using lower compression tennis balls, smaller rackets, and smaller courts that are appropriate for their size and skills.

Red Ball Performance

Red Ball is for players between the ages of 5-7 who meet NWHPT's Red Ball Competencies.  This advanced class is for players who would like to learn skills that will help them compete in tournaments.  Players will learn the proper technique for each stroke.  Recovery, cross over, and split steps will be introduced as well as proper movements forward and backward on court.  Engaging drills and games will keep the young player motivated, confident, and ready to be challenged.  Upon graduating from Red Ball Performance, players will be able to execute tactics such as hitting to the open court, maintaining a consistent cross court rally, and changing the direction of the ball to hit down the line.  Players will also be able to vary spins, height, speed, and depth of their shots.  Class will be held on a 36' court using red balls, with an occasional introduction to a 60' court and orange balls.

Orange Ball Performance

Orange Ball is for players that have progresed from Red Ball and players between the ages of 6-10 who meet NWHPT's Orange Ball Competencies.  This advanced class is perfect for players who want to start competing in Intermediate and Advanced 10 and under tournaments.  Players will continue on the pathway to successful tournament play with skills learned in Red Ball Performance, as well as familiarizing themselves with more advanced tactical concepts.  Players will learn how to identify and react to a deep, short, or angled shot, as well as understanding the concept of being in an offensive, defensive, or neutral position in a point.  Class will be held on a 60' court using organge balls, with an occasional introduction to the 78' court and green balls.


Green Ball is for players that have progressed from Orange Ball and players between the ages of 8-12 who meet NWHPT's Green Ball Competencies.  This advanced class is for 12u players who are ready to compete in 12 and under Intermediate and Advanced tournaments.  Players will continue perfecting skills and tactics learned in Orange Ball Performance.  Players will learn to sustain long rallies with confidence, as well as executing the X and Half X drills with consistency.  Players will be encouraged to verbally explain new concepts, keep a tennis journal, and learn how to self-correct in point-play situations in order to create a self-assured competitor.  Class will be held on a full 78' court using green balls with an introduction to the yellow ball.

Green Ball Performance
Yellow Ball 12U Performance

Yellow Ball 12u Performance is for players that have progressed from Green Ball and other intermediate players between the ages of 7-12 who meet NWHPT's 12&Under Competencies.  This advanced class is for young players who have advanced skills, such as consistency and technique.  Players should be familiar with and consistently competing in tournaments throught the PNW.  Players will be taught playing styles, tactics, and will continue to improve their skills through fun and energetic drills designed to keep them fully engaged throughout the class.  During each class, players will also participate in a fitness program geared toward tennis players to help them further develop their athletic ability.

Yellow Ball Elite Performance

Yellow Ball Elite Performance is for players that have progressed from Yellow Ball 12u Performance and other intermediate players who have a Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) between 2.00 and 4.99.  This advanced class is for players who regularly compete in advanced PNW tournaments and are looking to improve their UTR rating and/or PNW ranking.  This is a high energy, two hour long class with a mandatory fitness session during each class.  Players will learn a variety of tactical concepts, such as how to create open space on the court, identifying and exploting an opponent's weakness, and developing a personal game style.  Competitive drills and games, as well as structured point play will help players gain comfort and familiarity with these new concepts in order to use them during tournament and match play.  Players who obtain a UTR rating of 5.00 or greater will be eligible for the High Performance groups, if those groups have open spots.

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