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The high performance training program is open to dedicated tournament players throughout the nation between the ages of 10 and 21. Interested young athletes must apply, be assessed, and try-out for a position in the elite year-round program.  The high performance program demands an impressive level of dedication from players, parents, and coaches.  Players are selected for the program based on their work ethic, attitude, and skill level.

This program has two options available to players that are accepted into it.  The first option is the full-day high performance training program and the second option is the group high peformance training program.

In the full-day high performance training program, for each player, we create a specific customized training plan that is tailored to the individual player's needs, so each player focuses on aspects of their training that will best help them develop into an elite player.  Each player in the full-day program receives 2 private lessons (1 hour each) and 1 semi-private lesson (1 hour) per week.  Players also have access to unlimited group tennis practices.  Additionally, players receive 4 hours of strength and conditioning training, 1 group mental performance training session, and 1 yoga session per week.  In addition to the training sessions, we will meet quarterly with parents and players to provide updates on the player's customized training plan.  We will also work with each player to develop a customized tournament schedule that focuses on tournaments that are best suited for the individual player and their training plan.  Coaches will attend at least 6 tournaments a year of any player in the full-day program.

For the group high performance training program, players practice in either the early morning group or the after school group.  In addition to the group practices, players may supplement their on court training with 1v1 private lessons, semi-private lessons, and supervised match play.  Players may also sign up for the additional program offerings to round out their training.

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