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HP Morning & Afternoon- Level 1 @ Eastside Tennis Center
Players regularly competing in National Level 1's, ITF's, and Futures/Challengers. UTR (Universal Tennis Ratings) 10 and up Dedicated nationally players who are striving for Division 1 scholarships and professional tennis. Work ethic, passion, and desire! Invitation only. Morning has Six courts, low number of students per court (2-4) ensures technique, movement, balance, point play/match play, fitness, tactics and strategy, mental and emotional strength on a daily basis.  Afternoons 3 courts and fitness rotation- 4 per court.

Monday-Friday 6:00am-8:30am & 4:00-6:30pm Tues/Thurs 

NWHPT Programs
The mission of Northwest High Performance Tennis is to provide a pathway to Division 1 and professional tennis, developing each player to their full potential. NWHPT brings together high caliber coaches, committed athletes and an environment that is both competitive and supportive to maximize the development of all athletes. 

HP Morning & Afternoon- Level 2 @ Eastside Tennis Center

HP Morning & Afternoon- Level 3 @ Eastside Tennis Center
​Champs Level players competing in Tournaments and are a 4(under 12 Years of Age) and above UTR (Universal Tennis Ratings). Dedicated Kids 9 + who are focused on developing correct fundamentals of technique, movement, ball tracking and shot selection. Must exhibit strong desire, work ethic, and passion!
Morning 6 courts available with 2-4 kids per court. Afternoon 3 courts & fitness rotation- 4 per court

Monday-Friday 6:00- 8:30am & 4:00pm-6:30pm Mon-Thurs

Red Ball Developmental HP Afternoon ETC.
Brian Wilson-

Motivated kids who are looking to improve to the next level. Focused heavily on technique, correct footwork, and concentration in a fun environment.

10 and under: Monday, Wednesday,   (6-7:30pm)​

Players regularly competing in National level 1's or who are top in their section. UTR (Universal Tennis Ratings) 7 and up. Dedicated kids aged 9+ with strong desire and work ethic who are passionate about taking their tennis to the next level! Enforces fundamentals, movement, balance, point play, fitness, tactics and strategy, mental and emotional strength on a daily basis. Morning 6 courts available with 2-4  kids per court. Afternoon 3 courts & fitness rotation- 4 per court.

Monday-Friday 6:00-8:30 am & 4:00pm-6:30pm Mon-Thurs

Email to get on our waitlist if your desired program is full!
Orange/Green Ball. ETC. Mark 

Courts: 60 & 78' 
Racquets: 26” & 27”
Balls: Orange, green & yellow balls
Objective: Focus on developing athletic ability & personal goals through progressive drills, skills and games such as;
•Traveling to USTA tournaments, awareness of rankings and what it takes to get ranked 
•Continuing progress on objectives & athletic skills in Red Ball Excellence
•Play Junior Team Tennis and 10U & 12U USTA tournaments
•Journaling is a discipline activity 
•To sustain a topspin rally & complete drill sequence up to 6 + balls
•Work more on open stance, technique, strategy
•Athletic ability in footwork & conditioning workout
•Continue emphasis on being self-sufficient and staying on task when given instructions
•Continue emphasis on decision making & verbal skills 
•Maturity in listening, respect & sportsmanship is more evident to coaches & peers on and off court